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Your Week in Artcore Music| Festive Edition

Ο Αλέξανδρος Δανιηλίδης προτείνει 10 κυκλοφορίες που ξεχώρισε από το 2018:

1. She Drew the Gun – Between Stars (Revolution of Mind LP)

2. GoGo Penguin – Raven (A Humdrum Star LP)

3. Here Lies Man – Blindness (You Will Know Nothing LP)

4. Lay Llamas – Holy Worms (Thuban LP)

5. Ty Segall – Everyone’s a Winner (Freedom’s Goblins LP)

6. Kurt Vile – Check Baby (Bottle It In LP)

7. A Place To Bury Strangers - Too Tough To Kill (Pinned LP)

8. Idles – Danny Nedelko (Joy As An Act of Resistance LP)

9. Sunwatchers – Nose Beers (II LP)

10. Amor – Full Fathom Future (Sinking Into A Miracle LP)

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