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Captain Sensible: “Well, the band was basically my way of fighting a very bleak future of myself”

article's cover image (Captain Sensible: “Well, the band was basically my way of fighting a very bleak future of myself”)
Captain Sensible aka Raymond Ian Burns. A unique musical figure that succeeded to associate his name with the Punk explosion in Britain in the late ‘70s. One of The Damned’s founding members (where he started initially as a bass player) and afterwards a solo pop singer, Captain displayed from the very beginning all the prerequisites that render him a punk rock icon in people’s minds. Brilliant, sarcastic, unconventional and with a great deal of humour but most importantly, with loads of memories from an era that is long gone. Artcore magazine met Captain, while taking advantage of the wonderful weather, in order to discuss with him his experiences and memories from the turbulent decades of 1970s and 1980s and also his thoughts on future plans as a musician.

Το Homeward Bound των Vinyl Suicide

article's cover image (Το Homeward Bound των Vinyl Suicide)
Imagine a gray cityscape, a mute human reverberation, a sad and trivial life that progresses into the future. You stand still; you listen; and imply to yourself that even death can be welcomed... When out of a sudden the melody of despair becomes a cry for life. The notes dissolve the bleak atmosphere allowing the light of hope to overcome its cowardice, disbanding grayness and penetrate liberatingly in your lungs. You decide to live! This strange mixing of sadness and optimism is transmitted through the songs that make up Homeward Bound by Vinyl Suicide.

A long dive in the filthy Surf Rock of Dirty Fuse

article's cover image (A long dive in the filthy Surf Rock of Dirty Fuse)
Normally, one would wonder why a group playing a music style that is already 54 years old is worthy of an interest. The fact that Dirty Fuse play mainly their own compositions, they already have an audience that follows them fanatically, that within a few years they have recorded five albums and EPs and one of their pieces has been voted one of the 101 best Surf Tracks Worldwide from 1970 onwards, are more than enough reasons to generate an interest. The good thing is that they are not the only!

Church of Saint John Coltrane: Indoctrination with an alto sax

article's cover image (Church of Saint John Coltrane: Indoctrination with an alto sax)
What means religious faith to you? Could it be a misinterpretation, an illusion, a mental relief, a definitive truth? To me, there is no point for a conclusive verdict to be drawn, mostly because it has a different meaning to everybody. And this is why, throughout the centuries, the most peculiar things have been religiously worshipped. From celestial bodies and humans, who are perceived to have ascended to heaven after their resurrection, to Argentinean soccer players and the greatest sax maestro the world has ever known.

Live Review: Stafford vs Leeds on neutral grounds (we watched Editors & The Sisters of Mercy perform in Gazi Music Hall)

article's cover image (Live Review: Stafford vs Leeds on neutral grounds (we watched Editors & The Sisters of Mercy perform in Gazi Music Hall))
The postponement of The Sisters of Mercy concert in October resulted in a strange situation: Within 24 hours I watched in the same venue the much expected concerts of two popular bands in Greece. Despite their significant musical differences, the fact that The Sisters of Mercy belong in the original Post-Punk generation in contrast to Editors who are Post-Punk Revivalists, led to some inevitable comparisons. Here are the results ...

Μαύρη Συχνότητα (Black Frequency) & Fjord Remixed, by ION

article's cover image (Μαύρη Συχνότητα (Black Frequency) & Fjord Remixed, by ION)
The case of ION is neither new - nor coincidental. With a career starting in the 1980s, ION or Giannis Papaioannou not only gives meaning to what “underground” should mean but strongly emphasizes it so that that both the concept and himself are finally transparent and impressive. With his occasionally different or overlapping competencies - journalist, musician, producer, and amazing dj - ION never stands still: he is in constant discovery of new corners in the urban environment that he lives and loves, gaining new audiences that will accompany him to his otherworldly and transcendental musical travels.

Northern Soul: Psyche of the english North

article's cover image (Northern Soul: Psyche of the english North)
North of England, 1968: The Mods have been defeated. Progressive and Hard Rock sounds are now popular. And yet... many working-class teenagers seek in good outfits, Soul music and amphetamines an identity that will make them "distinct". Without any particular ideological position and by actually adopting foreign cultural elements (Italian fashion, black music) they created a subculture that lasted until the mid 70s, when Punk and Disco changed everything.

Too much success in a short period of time! An interview with Stephan Bodzin

article's cover image (Too much success in a short period of time! An interview with Stephan Bodzin)
Night out! My appetite is set for a beautiful spring evening, accompanied by electronic melodies… The so called “electronic scene” of the city has disappointed me. I thought to myself that I would like to listen to something nice from the past so I sent an email to Stephan Bodzin. I asked him if he had time for an interview. I’d like to hear what someone, who offered a different tune to the electronic scene, has to say about all that, and perhaps give me some hope that the underground club scene of Greece will re-emerge.

AndersTrentemøller: “I want to be my own chief, my own boss”

article's cover image (AndersTrentemøller: “I want to be my own chief, my own boss”)
My skype interview with Mr Trentemøller is set for 12:00pm. After consulting ten people, I am now almost sure about the time difference between Greece and Denmark, I've gone through my questions a hundred times, I have placed tape-recorders all over my desk just in case the skype recorder breaks down, today of all days (wouldn't be impossible with my luck…), and I'm now listening to his music to get into the right mood. Oh yes, among everything else, I must not forget to ask him, on behalf of my friend,Thodoris, about the story of 'Miss you'. I cross my self and behold...

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