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Photography Exhibition: Place/Memory

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Photography Center of Thessaloniki, in co operation with Nadezhda Pavlova (Bulgary, Photographer/Curator), is organizing the group photography exhibition “Place/Memory”, at "Tabya", from 11/04/2018 until 29/04/2018.

The meaning of the place, through the process of memory, seems to lose the material and literal character, which probably acts as a pretext. It evolves into a mental constructon, whose real elements have little importance and are probably the reason for the creation of "places".

Sometimes the place, with the political burden it carries, is the subject of criticism of the current ''high aesthetics'' (Nikos Priporas). Or is it called to narrate a personal story or situation, whose accuracy can be literal or questionable (Lefteris Mikros). The constructed place can be the pretext for recalling the memory of our dear people and a whole era, irretrievably lost (Jenny Docu). And yet the place can incorporate what our desire can produce as memories of rest and carelessness. (Meni Seiridou / Elsa Tziana). Also, photography has the ability, through fragmentation, to impersonate the enviroment of our childhood home. (Anni Vlachopoulou). In any case the subjectivity of our perceptive memory is what shapes the meaning of place and not the opposite.
(Aleka Tsironi, photographer) 

This exhibition is about places. It represents the memory of places that human beings experience throughout time and how this memory shapes our personal emotions and views of the world. As bodily subjects, we necessarily have a relationship with the places that surround us. At any given moment, we are located within a place, be it in universities’ hallways, on board of airplanes, or lost in the forest at night. Over time, those places define and structure our sense of self to such extent that being displaced can have a dramatic impact on our perception of who we are, and even leave us with a feeling of being homeless in the world. Equally, the memories we acquire from the places we inhabit assume a value that is both immeasurable and vital. Without the memory of places, memory itself would no longer have a role to play in our conscious lives. Place is at the heart not only of who we are, but also of the culture in which we find ourselves. 

The collection of photographs of Bulgarian participants moves along a three-dimensional space defined by the axes of place, memory and time. Memories of the past we want to forget meet with recollections of times we want to preserve, progress through the present searching for the past, and finally flow into the future being constantly transformed into past. The series “The Stoyanov’s Family” from Imaginary Archive represent personal family memories from cradle to the grave. Memories that no one wants to forget. In his series “Forget Your Past” Nikola Mihov focuses on renowned monuments of our Socialist times. Times that we tend to forget quickly and leave in destruction its physical representations. The contemporary urban landscape where consumption has risen to a cult and the billboards are the modern-day totems, is visualized by Nadezhda Pavlova in her series “Portals”. She comes up with an alternative usage of the billboard as a gateway to the past. In the “Dust” series of Dimo Dimov the future slowly but surely settles in dust and the survivor frenetically tries to preserve fragments and create memories of it.
Nadezhda Pavlova (Photographer/curator)

Participants are the Greek photographers (members of P.C.T.) Lefteris Mikros, Nikos Priporas, Annie Vlachopoulou, Jennie Dokou, Meni Seiridou / Elsa Tziana and the Burgarian photographers Nadezhda Pavlova, Dimo Dimov, Nikola Mihov και Timohir Stoyanov. 

Curator: Aleka Tsironi (photographer) and Nadezhda Pavlova (photographer / curator). 


14C K. Melenikou, Thessaloniki
Duration of exhibition: 11 - 29/04/2018
Days and hours: Daily 17:00 - 22:00

In the context of the festival: ‘Aspects of Balkan Photography -2018′

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