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Women on the beach: Humankind washed up on shore

article's cover image (Women on the beach: Humankind washed up on shore)
Unfortunately, this is not simply a presentation of a book that has touched me, as it’d be easier for me in that case to describe my feelings while reading it, feelings that keep intensifying day by day, because of the issue at hand. I wrote ‘Unfortunately’, because this novel, “Women on the beach”, by Tove Alsterdal, deals with stories of such unbelievable horror, similar to those we see daily occupying the front lines in the news titles about ‘illegal’ immigrants. People desperately trying to escape the horror back home, who find themeselves faced with the horror of ‘civilised’ Europe. The ‘unfortunate event’, if I am permitted to call it so, is the unbearable truth that this book reveals, which, although a work of fiction, is based on the author’s thorough research on real events that are interwoven with the current nightmarish reality my brain refuses to digest.

Tove Alsterdal: “We take charge of our lives, we move on!”

article's cover image (Tove Alsterdal: “We take charge of our lives, we move on!”)
On an impulse, I sent an email for interview to Tove Alsterdal and I felt surprised (again) of how receptive and approachable are certain people who although being famous for their work they have no sign of pomposity and I felt a certain amount of hope that everything may turn out better after all – for everyone-! Her book, “Women on the beach”, is a police noir- international best seller and talks about an issue that distress us a lot the last years -especially the last couple of months- the sociopolitical phenomenon of “illegal” immigration. At least as far as I am concerned “Women on the Beach” urged me to learn a little bit more about the cruel reality that illegal immigrants have to face.

Dinner for few, thoughts for many

article's cover image (Dinner for few, thoughts for many)
Some animals are always more equal than others. After the Rebellion in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, pigs and dogs ended up having both their share of equality and then some. Nassos Vakalis, Emmy-winning Greek animation director and animator continues on a similar metaphorical path with his “Dinner For Few”. Anthropomorphic pigs have now occupied places at the dinner table while a human services the machinery that feeds their endless dining. Leftovers are thrown to the cats scrambling under the table. 

Sophie, adjustable shape wall clock

article's cover image (Sophie, adjustable shape wall clock)
“When our feelings change, it also changes the perception we have of time. Layla Mehdi Pour designs a wall clock, consisting of two overlapping surfaces with twelve lines each. The lower dial is attached to the clock mechanism, but the upper one can easily rotated: this way you can get unexpected plays of shadows and different configurations of the object, which can be changed at any time”.

Archshop: We do not take NO for an answer

article's cover image (Archshop: We do not take NO for an answer)
…And this how everything started! Yiannis Solomozis’s Archshop is an innovative company that designs and produces fabrics and soft furnishings, offering the choice to “dress” interiors with everyday-use products that project elements of one’s self in one’s own space! ‘Family shop with factory potential’, ‘A firework that exploded like a bomb’ in the world of domestic and business upholstery and fabrics is just a small sample from the comments the company has received by private and wholesale clients. Archshop proves beyond doubt that even when a large part of the market collapses due to some crisis… quality, innovative ideas, and friendly prices always stand out and survive. The economic crisis, in this case, brought forth the virtual fabrics of Yannis Solomozis with which he dresses spaces, and what follows shows how goals can be achieved with realistic and cautious moves, fresh ideas, and a lot of hard work. Victory favours the bold, after all.

Bill Gekas: Drawing with a camera

article's cover image (Bill Gekas: Drawing with a camera)
In a world where its limits have been drastically minimized mainly because of the Internet, it has become a true struggle for one's work to be recognized since it has to face a constantly evolving competition. Under such circumstances however, Bill Gekas, a Greek-Australian photographer, managed to stand out due to his talent and love for photography. To this he had the undoubtable contribution of his adorable daughter Athena, who is also the main model for his work. It is highly likely you have already heard of his name or your glance may have lingered long enough over one of his projects, trying to distinguish whether it is a photograph or a painting. In between tough working schedules, time difference and many, many greek-english emails, Artcore magazine managed to steal some of his precious time and discover the man behind the lens.

Too much success in a short period of time! An interview with Stephan Bodzin

article's cover image (Too much success in a short period of time! An interview with Stephan Bodzin)
Night out! My appetite is set for a beautiful spring evening, accompanied by electronic melodies… The so called “electronic scene” of the city has disappointed me. I thought to myself that I would like to listen to something nice from the past so I sent an email to Stephan Bodzin. I asked him if he had time for an interview. I’d like to hear what someone, who offered a different tune to the electronic scene, has to say about all that, and perhaps give me some hope that the underground club scene of Greece will re-emerge.

AndersTrentemøller: “I want to be my own chief, my own boss”

article's cover image (AndersTrentemøller: “I want to be my own chief, my own boss”)
My skype interview with Mr Trentemøller is set for 12:00pm. After consulting ten people, I am now almost sure about the time difference between Greece and Denmark, I've gone through my questions a hundred times, I have placed tape-recorders all over my desk just in case the skype recorder breaks down, today of all days (wouldn't be impossible with my luck…), and I'm now listening to his music to get into the right mood. Oh yes, among everything else, I must not forget to ask him, on behalf of my friend,Thodoris, about the story of 'Miss you'. I cross my self and behold...

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