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The Assassination of Julius Caesar, by Ulver

The Assassination of Julius Caesar, by Ulver

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Ulver offered us an exceptional album once again. Since 2011, we are witnesses of the band’s productivity and of their constant experimentations through the albums.

This time Ulver chooses to produce an album of electronic music, using the sounds of conditional instruments and manage to transform the emotions from track to track without ever changing the album’s tempo. 

For many this album will be categorized as a Post-rock album, but believe me, the truth is that this music has nothing to do with rock music but it's rather a perfect release of quality contemporary electronic music. My favorite track "Coming Home" will be your favorite track too after a single listen, that will guide you to esoteric ego dance. 

This Ulver album is maybe my favorite one after years. 


εικόνα άρθρου (article's image)

The Assassination of Julius Caesar, by Ulver (2017)
Music Style: Avant-garde, Pop/Rock
Label: House of Mythology

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