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Eye for an Eye, by Kimi Kärki

If you really expect the white prince to come out from a fairy tale and take upon his white horse to save you from your troubles, then rest assured that Kimi Kärki is the blonde Finnish man who, although without a white horse, but nevertheless with an acoustic guitar, comes your way in order reveal to you the sense of the folkloric beauty.

εικόνα εξωφύλλου άρθρου (article's cover image)

Within the abundance of the albums that are settled in the disco libraries and in the conscience of the listeners, we can also find those albums that stand alone, but enclose a sense of familiarity. “Eye fon an Eye” is the warmest, pithy, authentic and confessional album we can listen to. You can feel its very core even by the sound of its first melodies, that moment when you are alone and in search for something cozy.

Kimi Kärki does the simplest thing in the whole world; he embraces his six – string muse and lets his fingers lead him to the most beautiful, attractive and humble harmonies. Consequently, his voice does the rest, by calling at your heart and inviting you to accept all the lyrics coming from the inside of the album (sometimes with the help of some mellow and ethereal women). The tone of his voice is like a cloud which covers your face and you ask permanently its rain. Kimi is unpredictable, and absolutely personal.

While all the musicians seek for inspiration in order to create something new, Kimi only needs his own corner within this planet in order to compose those songs that lyrically stand between life and dreams. It is really a magnificent fact that this man who is used to jerk the grounds of metal with his riffs through Reverend Bizarre or Lord Vicar, has managed for one more time to incarnate the voice of gentle silence and write some epic songs like “Lustful, Wrathful, Sullen”, “Beyond Distance”, “The Load We Carry” and “The River of Shadows”.

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εικόνα άρθρου (article's image)

Eye for an Eye, by Kimi Kärki (2017)
Music Style: Folk Rock
Label: Svart Records

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