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about the Artcore magazine: The Magazine

Artcore is a group of young people who love cinema, theatre, photography, animation, literature etc.

We are neither professional columnists nor professional artists! Nevertheless, each one of us is more than eager to give something back to his/her area of expertise…The name of the magazine came up in a quest through the pages of the Urban Dictionary, and its etymology (“art nerds”) fits us perfectly.

Artcore is, to a large extent, a product of the Greek financial crisis (we hope that it will prove to be pleasant; – the product, not the crisis!)

To be more specific, we had the following choices:

  1. To say good morning facing the mirror, then stare at the ceiling long enough to blind ourselves and curse our poor fortune since it’s no longer possible to find a job, even as volunteers...
  2. To distract ourselves with activities that do not in the least express us (and even that has become rare lately), to immigrate (there’s a slight chance that we may not have to resort to that), get minimum salaries for more than 8 hours of labor, reach the age of 50 or 60 and bang our heads against the wall realizing our lives just passed and nothing ever happened…
  3. To create something of our own, taking advantage of the financial flexibility the Internet offers and say our prayers so that we won’t be laughed at and that our parents’ investment on our education in order to become worthy citizens won’t be in vain...

And this is how Artcore was born!

We hope that through this magazine we will be given the chance to work creatively on what interests us the most, meet new fascinating artists, expose our ideas about the world, and publish fresh news from the magical world of Art. Finally, drunk on buckets of ambition, we don’t think it completely unrealistic to become a printed magazine and go international… 13 more people were added to the 3 who had the inspiration to create this magazine, and we extend an open invitation to whoever may be interested to join us as artists exhibiting original work, or as columnists wishing to publish their ideas in Artcore!

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