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about the Artcore magazine: Terms of Use

All the rights and the obligations of the website belong to the editors.The editors are entitled to amend or to alter the website without informing the visitors and the users. The use of the website for commercial or advertising purposes is only allowed after the written consent of the editors. The use of the website is only allowed after reading of the terms of use and agreeing with them. The use of the website is proof of such agreement and covers the entire content, the pages, the graphics, the images, the photographs and the files of the website. The terms of use apply constitute an agreement between the website, which is represented by the editors, and the visitors users. This agreement is binding and no alteration is valid unless included in the terms of use.


The administration and protection of personal data of the visitor user of the website is provided under the provisions of greek law (law 2472/1997, 3741/2006,3917/2011) for the protection of the person and the personal data as completed by the decisions of the president of the personal data protection committee (207/1998 and 79/200) and european law (directions 95/46 and 97/66).
The website can use cookies in some services or pages for identifying the visitor user without obtaining knowledge of any document or file contained in the computer of the visitor user, in order to make the access to the website easier and for statistics purposes also, in order to determine which regions find the website usefull or popular or for advertising purposes.
The visitor user of the website can set his computer in order to receive a warning for the usage of the cookies or to block the acceptance of the cookies. In case of the blockage of the cookies the visitor user can not obtain access to such services.
The website contains links to other websites, which are not under the control of the website. The websitse is not liable for the terms of protection of personal data, which are applied by them, does not agree beforehand with the content of these websites, does not guarantee their availability, does not approve of the content, the legitimacy, the accuracy of the information, neither guarantees the quality or the properties of the products or services. The links are provided only for the user's assistance. If a problem arises during the use of such websites the visitor user must adress to these websites, which are entire liable for the provision of their services.
The visitor's user's ip adreess is documented only for statistics purposes, in order for the website to monitor the traffic of the website. The website preserves the privacy of your data and can not communicate them to anyone, unless ordered by the authorities under the law provisions.
The website keeps files containing visitor's user's personal data for communication purposes. The visitor user can communicate with the website, in order to be informed of the existance of such file, to correct it, to alter it or to delete it.
The minors can use the website only under the consent of their parents or those who are exercising the parenting rights and are not obliged to submitt their personal data. If the website is informed of the existance of minors personal data will delete them.


Unless otherwise provided (third party copyright) the editors of the website reserve the copyright of the website's content, articles, images, graphics, photographs, documents, services and all of the files of the website. Especially the copyright of the articles belongs to the authors and they are not mentioned under the article it belongs to the website. All the above can not be subject to sale, copying, alteration, reproduction, republishing or be loaded, transmitted or distributed for personal profit.
The website only allows the storage of only one copy of a part of the content to a personal computer for no commercial purpose provided that the origin of the content is not deleted. Nevertheless the copyright rests with the website.
The products and the services which are mentioned in the website and bare the trademark of a third party, are their industrial property and the copyright belongs to them.


The visitor website user assumes responsibility for any damage caused to the site by improper or unlawful use of the services, inducing infringement of personality, honor or reputation of others or committing criminal offenses. If the website is informed of content, which affects the personality, honor or reputation of any third and at his discretions considers that it causes moral harm and property damage to a third party is entitled to cancel without notice immediately that content, to disrupt the user's member's account, take any at its discretion legal measure to prevent this act, and challenge any damage to third parties.  In particular, users visitors of the site must refrain indicative of posting and publication of any content, induced infringement of personality, honor, raputation, public image, personal data of third parties and infringement of the law, posting and publishing content, pornographic or generally offensive to childhood, uploading and publishing content that infringes the right to choose religion, promotes racism and affects individual political and social rights of Greek citizens. The visitor user of the website except exclusive responsibility for posting and publication of any matter will be required to repair any damage to the Site or any third party, particularly in the case where adjudication of any sum of money by the site in favor of a third takes place to pay this amount.


The website is not responsible for any damage suffered by the visitor user of the website even in case of negligence. The contents of this site are provided "as is" without warranty express or implied.
The website exerts maximum effort to ensure that information and the contents of the website provide accuracy, clarity, completeness, timeliness, adequacy and availability but does not offer such guarentee. The user must evaluate, assess and utilize the information provided. The website is not required to redress damages from use of information provided via the website and does not warrant that the functions of the website will be free of any kind
bugs and viruses, nor liable for any data loss or other injury to the user or third parties, whether due to use of the website or corruption or contamination to files and information provided through the website. You are solely responsible for protecting your system against viruses.

5.Applicable Law-amicable resolution of disputes-disputes Local jurisdiction.

Visitors to the website agree that these Terms of Use are subject to Greek law regarding any dispute arise between the user and the website. In case of disagreement, related in any way with the use of the Site or the services provided through it, efforts will be resolved out of court. In case of failure to meet such settlement, disputes will be resolved in the Courts of Thessaloniki, Greece.

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